Flowing Well

While on a hike the other day, I stumbled into the “Flowing Well” along a town road south of Whitewater. Maybe I didn’t know anything about it but apparently every one else does. It was busy with people filling jugs to take home. The ladies filling jugs that day were regulars. One told me she goes to the well every Wednesday. She used to go on Sundays. Then I heard the rest of her life story. By and by she told me, “My doctor says getting this well water is the best thing I can do for myself.” Another lady was there with her grandson and said her house water, “… had too much chlorine and stuff in it.”


Flowing Well is a busy place

The Flowing Well is an artesian water source dug first in 1895 to a depth of 55 feet by an Adam Channing. As the sign also says, “It has been flowing steadily to this day.” There’s a small paved pull out for parking, a shelter, benches and a picnic table. The water gushes out and splashes onto a concrete pad before running down the hill and into a stream. Maintenance is done by the township and civic organizations.

You can look this all up if you want. As I mentioned, I was the only one who didn’t know about it. The well is a tourist attraction in its own way and a really welcome spot along the Ice Age Trail.

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