Talking Phottix

In two of the worlds I live in, photographer at a budget-strapped college and that of a budget-strapped freelancer, money is important. When you buy something you want to get the best possible tool with the money you have.

That budget-conscience side drove my investigation into remote flash radio triggers. Such investigations start at the top of the heap with the highest rated and most expensive units. In this case it’s the Pocket Wizard. By all accounts, Pocket Wizard is the gold standard for quality and reliability. No arguments from me with the reputation the product has garnered. On more than one occasion I’ve been able to use the Pocket Wizard system and it’s likable.

20140618_143240If money; Pocket Wizard. But really, I just wanted something that’d set off a distant flash or two or three. Boil it down and a radio signal is a radio signal. Which got me around to the Phottix brand where I finally found the balance between cost and value I needed. A transmitter and two receivers set me back less than $140.

Trade-offs, trade-offs, trade-offs. Since I’ve been using the Phottix system I’ve had the reliability I had hoped for. They work and have served in some touch and go outdoor settings. I have the manual only system and you may recognize that as a trade off which it is. Phottix does offer the TTL Odin system that works well by all accounts. A trigger and two receivers is about $400.

At that price, you may decide to go back and look at Pocket Wizard. Your decision but I think I’d be willing to try the Odin if I ever upgrade.

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