A bucket list picture

We struck up a conversation after I’d stated my business and conveyed my fundamental understanding of the situation. Found out we knew people in common and our visit burned up more time. Fortunately, the other machine was busily cutting down trees and my operator noticed he’d fallen behind. Before going back to work, he pointed out a nearby ridge and said I could see the whole logging operation from up on top.

I made my way across the logging zone to the top of the ridge and took pictures of the landscape. Then I embarked on my previously planned route for the Pasqueflower and Sand Prairie areas. In the meantime, clouds had pushed in above flattening the late afternoon light. The type of light available tends to dictate the kind of picture you’re hunting. One set of opportunities swaps out for another set of opportunities with changing light. Late afternoon light was what I wanted to work with so I resigned to what I had.

Just as I was thinking I should button up and hike out the clouds parted. It was no more than a slit between clouds splashing a ray of late light at my feet. A nearby clump of grass lit up like the Burning Bush. My first flush was bewilderment at what was happening. Inside a dark, flat-lit world were brilliantly illuminated grasses bouncing around on the breeze.

My pack went on the ground and I dropped onto my knees to get closer with the first clump of grass in front of me. I have no idea about the camera settings because I was framing and snapping, I did pause to check, made a few adjustments and snapped a few more. Then it was gone.

Technically, what I ended up with isn’t the greatest. But damn, in a 2×3 aspect ratio, is some great emotion. Guys, this is the kind of thing I may never see again. I grabbed it. A bucket list item just went in the bucket.

I’ll get the grass properly identified. It’s likely Prairie Dropseed, but it has Indian Grass properties and those of Tufted Hair Grass or Big Bluestem. I love prairie grasses.

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